Past Conferences

In 2003, the Faculty of Tourism Studies – Turistica (University of Primorska) started the Encuentros project with the intent to turn tourism conferences into such encounters. Tourism conferences should not only be a series of presentations and exchanges of professional experiences and scientific research, but most of all a multidisciplinary, multicultural and multi-rhythmic encounter of tourism researchers. Therefore, we did not envisage a conference or a meeting but rather encuentros.

  • 1st Encuentros (2004)
  • 2nd Encuentros (2008) – Programme
  • 3rd Encuentros (2010) – Programme
  • 4th Encuentros (2012) – Abstracts
  • 5th Encuentros (2014) – ProgrammeAbstracts
  • 6th Encuentros (2017) – Innovation in Tourism and Hospitality – Preparing for the Future