The conference topics should be limited to the main theme, which aims at closing the theory – ideology – policy – behaviour gap; thus identifying challenges and needs associated with desirable level of sustainability of the tourism industry in various contexts of the industry.

Some examples of topics/contexts are:

  • Theoretical underpinnings of sustainable tourism & demand;
  • Monitoring sustainability of tourism demand & supply;
  • (un)Sustainable impacts of tourism;
  • Increasing the sustainable tourism behaviour at supply & demand level;
  • Technology for sustainable tourism supply & demand;
  • Policies for sustainable tourism supply & demand;
  • Case studies of worst and best sustainable practices in tourism;
  • Conceptualizing sustainable tourism demand & supply of “tomorrow”.

Participants are encouraged to cover the generally well accepted aspects of sustainability; social sustainability, environmental sustainability and economic sustainability. Given the main theme of the conference contributors are also encouraged to confine (as much as possible) to only one of the aspects and support their discussions with empirical evidence[1] (credible, but of any kind).


[1] not strictly applicable to conceptual papers