About Encuentros

Encuentros is an international tourism conference organized by the University of Primorska, Faculty of Tourism Studies – Turistica (Portorož/Portorose, Slovenia).

At Turistica we understand tourism as a continuum of encounters with people and places. We initiated first Encuentros conference in 2003 with the intent to turn tourism conferences into enjoyable gatherings aimed at pleasurable exchange of knowledge and ideas. Therefore, Encuentros conference is not only a series of presentations and exchanges of professional experiences and scientific research, but most of all a multidisciplinary, multicultural and multi-rhythmic encounter of tourism researchers and practitioners. During these past 15 years, Encuentros has evolved into a biannual international conference hosting over 500 tourism scholars and practitioners from various disciplines and places. The Spanish word encuentros was selected as a conference brand name because the World Tourism Organisation (UN WTO) is based in Spain and we also wanted to stress the Mediterranean character of tourism and that of the Adriatic resort Portorož (the Port of Roses) in Slovenia where the event traditionally takes place.

The conference features keynote speakers and the set of workshops:

  • Academic workshops feature scientific oriented contributions from all fields of tourism studies.
  • Applied workshops feature practice-oriented contributions from tourism industry and public sector.
  • Student workshops provides opportunity for postgraduate and doctoral students to present their original ideas, research reports or parts of their thesis.

In addition, each conference features at least two keynotes, one round table and supporting events.